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Glendale’s Elite Women’s Rugby Team

The Elite Women’s team plays against the country’s top competition in USA Rugby’s Women’s Premier League. The Merlins consistently place at the top of the league, either winning or placing second four times since 2012. The Glendale roster routinely is dotted with women who represent the United States on the women’s national team. Whether at home at Infinity Park or playing for the country, women’s rugby in Denver is strong.

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Women's Premier League Runners-Up

2017, 2016 & 2012

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2015 & 2014

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Elite Women's Rugby Schedule

Women's Premier League 2017

Glendale Merlins Women at Berkeley All Blues

27 - 26
Women's Premier League
 - San Jose, CA

Glendale Merlins Women vs Chicago North Shore

20 - 6
Women's Premier League
 - Infinity Park Stadium

Glendale Merlins Women at San Diego Surfers

21 - 15
Women's Premier League
 - San Diego, CA

Glendale Merlins Women vs Lindenwood University

17 - 10
Elite Women Non-League
 - Infinity Park Stadium

Glendale Merlins Women vs Oregon Sports Union

32 - 17
Women's Premier League
 - Infinity Park Stadium

Glendale Merlins Women vs Berkeley All Blues

29 - 14
Women's Premier League
 - Infinity Park Stadium

Glendale Merlins Women at Chicago North Shore

10 - 10
Women's Premier League
 - Chicago, IL

Glendale Merlins Women vs San Diego Surfers

27 - 18
Women's Premier League
 - Infinity Park Stadium

Glendale Merlins Women at Oregon Sports Union

31 - 27
Women's Premier League
 - Portland, OR

WPL Semi-Finals: Glendale Merlins vs Beantown RFC

32 - 0
Women's Premier League
 - Tuscon, AZ

WPL Championship: Glendale Merlins vs New York Rugby

26 - 27
Women's Premier League
 - Tuscon, AZ
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Elite Women's Rugby Standings

Women's Premier League 2017

WPL Blue Conference


WPL Blue Conference


WPL Red Conference


WPL Red Conference


Standings Key

  • Pos = Position in standings
  • P = Played
  • W = Win
  • L = Loss
  • T = Tie
  • PF = Points For
  • PA = Points Against
  • BP = Bonus Points
  • Pts = Overall Points

Scoring System

  • W = 4 Points
  • L = 0 Points
  • T = 2 Points
  • 4+ tries in one match = 1 bonus point
  • Loss by 7 points or less = 1 bonus point

Elite Women's Rugby News


Elite Women's Rugby Roster

Glendale Merlins Women's Players
Glendale's Elite Women's Rugby Team

Women’s Premier League Roster

Adekemi AdewunmiWing, Center, Flanker, Eight Man5-7
Alaina EnariEight Man5-8
Alli HaleWing, Center, Forward5-7
Amandine ChatelierForward5-5
Andrea PrusinskiWing, Center5-9
Carmen FarmerBackrow6-1
Charley ThompsonFlanker5-9
Christen SudaCenter5-3
Colleen CribbsBack5-7
Denali GrahamWing, Center5-5
Gedda PekoCenter5-5
Hannah StolbaFly-half5-9
Jeanna BeardCenter, Hooker5-7
Jenny LuiFly-half, Scrum-half5-4
Jessica DombrowskiFull-back, Wing5-2
Joanna KitlinskiForward5-7
Joanna McElroyLock5-10
Juliann TordonatoCenter, Fly-half5-7
Justine WypychFull-back, Wing5-4
Kris PetersonFlanker5-3
Kristen ShaloskyForward5-7
Leann LamFly-half, Scrum-half5-0
Madeleine FinchForward5-8
Madison SlaughtWing5-5
Mary PezzuloProp5-8
Melissa PolheberProp5-9
Nichole WanamakerWing, Center, Fly-half5-5
Patsy FordLock, Prop5-10
Sarah ChobotProp5-9
Suleima GarciaNumber Eight, Flanker5-4
Susanna KitchenHooker, Prop5-7
Taryn BrennanForward5-11
Kittery Ruiz

Kittery Ruiz

Women's Head Coach

Jamie Burke

Jamie Burke

Women's Assistant Coach

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