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Glendale Merlins vs OMBAC

1:00 pm
Pacific Rugby Premiership
 - Infinity Park Turf Field

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Glendale Merlins Rugby represents the future of Glendale rugby. Infinity Park has been the center of American rugby for a decade, and during those years, all Glendale rugby clubs played under the same name: the Raptors. Each Raptors team contributed to building the shared culture of winning, excellence, and community involvement for which Glendale is known.

In 2017, nearly all Raptors teams will begin the next chapter of the Glendale rugby story as they begin play under a new identity — the Glendale Merlins. Named after a bird of prey known for its ferocity, aerial acrobatics, and sense of loyalty, these teams will continue to build on the tradition and reputation they’ve built for themselves. The elite men’s team will continue to use the Raptors name as they enter Major League Rugby as a founding team.

The Merlins teams consistently attract the top young rugby talent in the U.S., with many players going on to play for the U.S. national teams and other elite American rugby clubs. The players are supported by the rugby-specific facilities at Infinity Park, including the High Altitude Training Center, and a deep roster of renowned coaches and trainers.

The Glendale Merlins Rugby family includes:

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Recent Results

Glendale Merlins vs Life West Gladiators

31 - 59
Pacific Rugby Premiership
 - Infinity Park Turf Field

Glendale Merlins vs Utah Vipers

36 - 49
Women's Division I
 - Infinity Park Turf Field

Glendale Merlins at San Francisco Golden Gate

42 - 33
Pacific Rugby Premiership
 - Ray Sheeran Field, San Fran

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